Can Flaxseed Cause Thyroid Problems? (2023)

Can Flaxseed Cause Thyroid Problems?

Flaxseed is beneficial for people with thyroid problemsbecause it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can exacerbate the symptoms of thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism. In addition, flaxseed is rich in lignans.

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What are the negative effects of flaxseed?

Adding flaxseed to your diet can increase the number of bowel movements each day. It can also cause side effects such asbloating, gas, abdominal pain and nausea. Higher doses may cause more side effects.

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Does flaxseed interact with thyroid medications?

Drug interactions

No interaction was found between linseed and levothyroxine.

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What Supplements Can Affect Thyroid Levels?

Some supplements can interfere with thyroid medications

According to the Mayo Clinic, supplements likecalcium, iron, multivitamins containing iron, and antacids containing magnesium or aluminummay potentially interact with thyroid medications.

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Who shouldn't eat flaxseed?

Women with breast, uterine and ovarian cancer or endometriosis should consult their doctor before taking flaxseed, as it can act like estrogen in the body. Some researchers believepregnant womenyou should not take flaxseed as it can act like estrogen in the body.

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What Foods Cause Thyroiditis?

A person with hyperthyroidism should avoid eating excessive amounts of iodine-rich foods, such as:
  • iodized salt.
  • fish and shellfish.
  • seaweed or seaweed.
  • dairy.
  • iodine supplements.
  • food products containing red dye.
  • egg yolks.
  • blackstrap molasses.

When not to use flaxseed?

Avoid using flaxseed and linseed oilduring pregnancy. Sometimes the use of flaxseed or flaxseed oil causes an allergic reaction. Do not eat raw or unripe flaxseeds. Because flaxseed oil can reduce blood clotting, you should stop using flaxseed oil two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

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Can flaxseed cause hormonal imbalances?

Lignans, which are a type of phytoestrogen in flaxseed, can alter estrogen metabolism. In postmenopausal women, lignans can cause the body to produce less active forms of estrogen.

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Can you eat flaxseed every day?

While there are no specific recommendations for flaxseed intake,A healthy amount is considered to be 1-2 tablespoons a day.

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What Foods Cause Hypothyroidism?

Avoid taking thyroid hormone at the same time as:
  • Italian nuts.
  • soy flour.
  • Cottonseed flour.
  • Iron supplements or multivitamins that contain iron.
  • Calcium supplements.
  • Antacids containing aluminum, magnesium or calcium.
  • Certain ulcer medications, such as sucralfate (carafate)

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Does flaxseed affect hormones?

Hormone-sensitive cancers or conditions:Since flaxseed may act somewhat like the hormone estrogen, it may worsen hormone-sensitive conditions. Some of these conditions include breast and ovarian cancer. Until more is known, avoid taking large amounts of flaxseed if you have one of these conditions.

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Is flaxseed safe if you have hyperthyroidism?

Flaxseed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and selenium. Helps maintain iodine levels in the body andreduce the risk of hyperthyroidism.

Can Flaxseed Cause Thyroid Problems? (2023)
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